Creating excitement with our excitement.

We strongly believe that what drives the hearts of people is not their rationality but something that is driven by their feelings and sensibility.
We define that something, which is difficult to explain with words, as “wakuwaku”. To create wakuwaku, we the creators, have to be feeling wakuwaku. We believe that having wakuwaku in our hearts allows us to continue creating and providing the services that can--- people.
With our wakuwaku-drive, we provide the service that ---- people around the world and we can continue to be the optimized solution for every single person whom we can serve

The creation that is not trapped by bias and common sense

We’ll pursue innovative and creative amusement and continue to be the company that creates the opportunities for people to experience Wakuwaku

We provide the service that attracts society,
TV, newspapers and websites


週刊新潮 / 野村週報 / プレイボーイ / OY / 月刊レジャー産業資料 / 週刊女性 etc.

Web / Radio

じゃらん / 浅草ネット / ゴゴ通信 / SUNDAY PUNCH★ / J-WAVE GOLD RUSH / Yahoo!ニュース / カミングアウト etc

Company name Brick Wall, Inc
Establishment established on January 25th 2019
CEO Kato Makoto
Location of head office 1F P Pikuseru Shinjuku7-chome-26-7, Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo-to