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The space where you can do what you normally can’t do

Reeast Room comes from phrase, “release of the Beast”.We use the concept of “a space you can express yourself instinctively”, we propose a vision of the creation of place of amusement by being able to do what you can’t normally do.
We now provide this hot amusement: the “BREAK ROOM”, where you can break everything and the “FREE ART WALL”, where you can paint the wall how you want.We are hoping to keep our vision of creating the space where you can do what you can’t do and continue to be the medium which provides excitement and stimulation to our customers.


As the name describes, this is the room and service where you can break everything. This amusement started in the United States in 2008 and has been starting all over the world.We brought this hot entertainment to Japan for the first time as Reeast Room. You can break everything inside this room, such as plates, glass bottles and home appliances. We also let you use a variety of tools, such as a bat, a hammer, a bar, etcetera. The talented intra/international artists helped design our interior with scattered bricks, which helps to create a very photogenic environment.


AXE THROWING is an entertainment service; you will compete by throwing axes for points- just like throwing darts to a dart board.It has been really popular in the United States and Canada recently and now we’ll provide this service for the first time in Japan.
This service is provided where REEAST ROOM BASE in order for you use this service with some drinks.Also, you can throw knifes and throwing stars, which will provide you with an exciting time which you couldn’t normally experience.


REEAST ROOM BASE is a fresh entertainment bar aiming at creating a space where various people from different backgrounds can come and interact with each other.
You might as well come by after experiencing our BREAKE ROOM and FREE ART WALL- both we provide on the first floor of our basement. You can just come by with your friends and have a chat while drinking a beer or cocktail. This would be an open space where you can expand your social circle.We have very friendly staff working so that anyone can have a great time. Feel free to casually stop by.


FREE ART WALL is a service that provides you the forbidden opportunities of painting the walls without restrictions. You can paint the aisle (or hallway) completely with fluorescent paints while under neon-lights. This is a very precious moment that we can provide the customer. You’d feel so good thinking back on the days when your parents and teachers would scold you for expressing yourself.


You can rent our space and use this for anything you want. For example, shooting a music video in a break room where you can break what you want, or you can have a party where you don’t have worry about anyone because the space is in the basement. For further inquiry, please contact us.



Address 1-44-17, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-city, Tokyo-to
Tel 03-5924-6990
Hours Holidays10:00am to 12:30pm
Non-Holidays15:00am to 22:30pm
Payment options We accept Visa, JCB, American Express and Diners Club
Directions Access 5 minutes by walking from JR Line Ikebukuro station Exit East

We take your reservations online 24/7.

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We may advise you to change your reservation or menu if you’re to be 15 minutes or more late from the original reservation time.
We may contact you if you’re more than 10 minutes late to the reservation. We’d appreciate a notification if you’re expecting to be late for the reservation.

Often asked questions

Is there an age restriction?

We don’t have an age restriction. However, any customers under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied with their parents or sign a consent form in order to use our service.

Where do you guys get the stuff from?

We are getting used stuff from our partnered recycling company. By breaking these used products that don’t serve a purpose anymore, we also help them with the process of recycling. Additionally, the partnered recycling company separate the waste in order to be eco-friendly.

Can we use your service without reservation in advance?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend that you make your reservations online in advance since you might have to wait, depending on how busy we are and the amount of current reservations.

Do we have to dress in certain ways?

We recommend to our customers to dress in easy-to-move clothes. It is mandatory for our customers to wear helmets, gloves and coveralls on top of the clothes you wear. Also, when it comes to shoes, we provide shoe covers. However, if you are wearing open-toed shoe, such as sandals or flip-flops, we ask that you to wear our shoes free of charge.

Could I break the stuff I bring?

Yes, you can. The detail is here.

Why is the mascot a bear?

Our mascot’s name is Lovu, whose favorite phrase is “Love & Peace”. We felt the scary image of destroying things and the cute (kawaii) image of having a taste for honey matched our service of breaking things with joy.